Plymouth Sea salt

Devonshire Gourmet salts - The Salt people.

Without salt there would be no life.

Devonshire Gourmet salts are a distributor of Plymouth sea salts, a superior sea salt, free from additives and chemicals, the natural Sea salts are chosen for their purity, taste, natural production and harvesting methods. Our Sea salts have the lowest carbon foot prints in the UK.
The Sea salts are high in minerals and suitable for all types of food production and especially for use on the table as a finishing salt. The base salt is made naturally in Portugal and Italy, where the warm winds and sun dry the sea water, leaving salt crystals of superior quality.

Our flavoured sea salts are available in 10, 20 and 25 kg bags, the range includes Spicy salts, aromatic Herby salts, Citrus salts, Mexican Cactus, Lemon & Fennel, Coconut & Lime, Hibiscus, Hibiscus & Lemon, Garden Herb, Rosemary & Garlic, Jamaican Hot Chilli salt and many more including British Chippy salt.

Unfortunately we can only supply these in bulk and no longer able to sell smaller amounts to retail customers.

Our new exciting range of Bar salts, includes Tequila salt, Vodka salt and Bloody Mary salt, are great for Parties, Bar games and Night Clubs


We are also happy to supply sea salt and flavoured sea salts in packaging with your own labeling and offer a filling and labelling service. 

Please email for more details