Make your own Sea salt kits

home made sea salt

Our 'Make your own Sea salt kits' are a great way to enjoy natural sea salt. They are fun to use, educational and also make great presents. 

We offer a range of flavours you can add to the salt making process included in the price, such as Ginger and Garlic, Lemon, Fennel & Chilli, Hibiscus, Rose petal and Saffron, Sea weed, Mediterranean Herbs or Rosemary Bay and Sage. 

Of course you don’t have to use any flavours and simply make natural Sea salt. 

The boxed kits come with full instructions and step by step guide to making Sea salt, they come with the flavour of your choice, filter papers, stirring spoon, heating trays and 4 litres of pure clear deep water Atlantic salt water. Once a week when the tide is right we gather gallons of salt water off the Devon and Cornwall coast, well away from any pollutants. 

These Sea salt kits are a great way to make your own salt, or entertain the kids or to give as a present.   

 ## Add  an extra flavour for just £2

Make Your Own Sea Salt Kit

£ 24.99 

Make your own sea salt or flavoured sea salt with these amazing sea salt kits.

The standard sea salt kit comes with a Mediterranian herb mix but you are welcome to choose any of the other flavours listed on the page above, simply email us your choice.

The Salt kit boxes come with everything you need to make your own sea salt, including 4 litlres of pure Atlantic sea water, filters, spoon, trays and step by step instructions.

They make great presents, educational for the kids or simply fun to use.

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