New Flavoured Sea salts

We are always making and experimenting with new sea salt flavour for 2017

New for 2017

** NEW**  Christmas Sea salt - Orange, Ginger and Thyme. Natural sea salt infused with Oranges and a hint of Ginger and Thyme, a must have for your Christmas table.

Persian Saffron and Orange, a bright aromatic sea salt great with fish, rice noodles and fruit.

Persian Rose water and Grapefruit Sea salt, a delicious and aromatic infusion of rose water with a citrus punch of fresh Grapefruit zest.

Marmite flavoured Sea salt, delicious sea salts crystals tasting of Marmite. Great on many types of savoury foods, why not try a sprinkle on your boiled eggs and soldiers?

Thai Green aromatic sea salt, all the flavours of the Asia infused into this seasoning.

Gin & Lime Sea salt, an infusion of local Gin and a sweet citrus Lime.

Montreal Steak and Montreal Chicken seasonings

If you are interested in having a particular flavoured sea salt made for you, please get in touch