New Flavoured Sea salts

We are always making and experimenting with new sea salt flavour for 2017

New for 2017

** NEW**  Christmas Sea salt - Orange and Thyme. Natural sea salt infused with Oranges and a hint of Thyme, a must have for your Christmas table.

Persian Saffron and Orange, a bright aromatic sea salt great with fish, rice noodles and fruit.

Persian Rose water and Grapefruit Sea salt, a delicious and aromatic infusion of rose water with a citrus punch of fresh Grapefruit zest.

Lime Pepper. Strong citrus aromas and after tones with the bite of crushed peppercorns, carried on the pallet by our natural sea salt.

Marmite flavoured Sea salt, delicious sea salts crystals tasting of Marmite. Great on many types of savoury foods, why not try a sprinkle on your boiled eggs and soldiers?

Thai Green aromatic sea salt, all the flavours of the Asia infused into this seasoning.

Gin & Lime Sea salt, an infusion of local Gin and a sweet citrus Lime.

Montreal Steak and Montreal Chicken seasonings

If you are interested in having a particular flavoured sea salt made for you, please get in touch